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Bobcat Frankie

Harley and Irving

Last Updated:02/15/13

Bobcat Harley and Irving's Profile Photo

Status:Male Bobcat - Released


Age:8 year(s), 4 month(s)


Harley and Irving came to us on 11/14/09 and was brought to us by a private individual who found it in the wild.

Harley & Irving would like to say THANXTH to all of the businesses and employees in
Irving, TX, for caring enough to be sure that they remained safe and wild! These two kittens and their mom were living in an industrial business park where, when they were old enough to leave the den, hundreds of people began to see them and become concerned for their survival. After twenty + calls from concerned citizens, NBRR staff went out to assess the situation. The cats were living in the area because the food, water and shelter availability were fantastic, and under normal circumstances they would have been left there to grow up healthy and wild in their familiar territory. Wide spread Attempts were made throughout the business park to educate people and try to get them to embrace their wild visitors, however, as often happens with bobcats, there were several concerns about the dangers of a mom with kittens at a commercial facility. Several legal entities demanded removal of the cats, but did not want to see them destroyed. They contacted NBRR to see if we could help, so we sprang into action! Of course, this was not as easy as one might anticipate.  Bobcats have one main den and up to twelve temporary dens. When they are spooked, they will move from den to den. With SO MANY people knowing of their existence, and employees of companies trying to view the cats up close and to feed them, they kept moving to new dens. Ultimately, we discovered where two of the actual dens were and four other den "areas" were, although we never located the actual den itself. The trio ranged well over one square mile of territory. After about two weeks of observation, we noticed that one of the kittens was injured and needed immediate medical attention. Rather than catching and removing just one, we decided to attempt to catch all three and bring them to NBRR while the tiniest baby (Irving) recovered. When we finally caught up to the cats, we were able to catch the kittens within minutes, but Mom, being much wiser, eluded our efforts. Today, Nov. 16th, 2009, we continue to try to trap her and reunite her with her babies.  However, for those who worry about their separation, please rest assured, we will continue to try to get her and reunite her with her babies. If this becomes impossible, Mom will return to her normal life and wilder territory without her babies and leave the obvious dens at the business park and move back to her less populated comfort zone. If she continues to elude us, she will breed again over the winter and we will likely receive more calls and have another opportunity to catch her in the spring.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Harley, the male kitten named for his constant growl and bad attitude is very protective of his smaller, injured brother Irving. Irving, at some point, came into contact with some kind of chemical that has given him a serious chemical burn on his spine. After removing the dead skin, infection, matted dead hair, etc, Irving is feeling MUCH better. We expect a 100% chance of recovery and a successful release back to the wild in the spring.

Thanks again goes out to ALL of the employees and businesses who shared their concern for these kittens and their Mom. We will update you all to let you know how the hunt for Momma goes. Please help us today by making a tax deductible donation to help us raise these babies over the winter and see them running free in the wild again soon.

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Update: 01/24/09

Well, This rotten duo is no longer in the nursery!  Harley and Irving have joined the rest of the gang outside in the big kids den!  Their mom was never successfully caught, although Irving is her home and she will be purrrrrfectly fine out there withouther kids.  We ARE glad that we decided to trap the babies, as Irving made a FULL recovery! (Something he might not have done in the wild).  Both boys are getting BIG and are as ROTTEN as ever!  They have a BLAST with their new family comprised of Efram, Darla, Jenny, Fannie & George.  They run and play ALL day long.  We promise to have new pictures up just as soon as the weather clears!




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