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Bobcat Frankie


Last Updated:09/15/11

Status:Female Bobcat - Released


Age:8 year(s), 11 month(s)


Athena came to us on 01/01/09 and was brought to us by a private individual who found it in the wild.

Athena was out FIRST baby of the New Year. The call came in on December 31st, 2008 late in the evening. First thing on New Years Day, Mike drove to Athens, where Athena had been found, to pick her up. She was one of the "mystery stories" that we occassionally get. She was only two weeks old when she arrived. Since January is an odd time to receive babies into our care, we went searching for another orphan so that she wouldn't have to be raised as a single.
We didn't have very much information on Athena. She was healthy, and found at a homeowners back door trying to get inside. Sometimes, even we have to scratch our heads to try to figure out what goes on in their heads

Pictures will be posted as soon as we find them!




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Animated Bobcat

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