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Bobcat Frankie


Last Updated:08/08/12

Bobcat Frankie's Profile Photo

Status:Male Bobcat - Permanent Injury or Illness, AZA / USDA Adopted


Age:9 year(s), 3 month(s)


Frankie came to us on 09/10/08 and was brought to us by a private individual who found it in the wild.

Frankie & Gigi are brother & sister. Like some of the other cats, they just emotionally never grew up. Each time we put them outside with the other wild ones, they would stop eating, get beat up, injure themselves, or some combination of the above. After repeated attempts to move them into the pre-release cages, we finally gave up. It was clear that neither one of them had any intention of being returned to the wild. Sometimes, it is best to cut our losses and work with an animal to be a productive part of an education program. In this case, although we would have loved to have seen these two back in the wild, it simply wasn't an option. Frankie is a beautifully patterned male who is moderately friendly and would benefit from being in an enclosure with another cat. He is very playful and curious, yet there is still a bit of a wild side to him that without work, he will be unmanageable as an adult. Although young, Frankie has a mind of his own. He is good natured but attaches to one person and does not do well with new people. Frankie is a happy cat who purrs and loves to play and romp. He will occasionally come over to be sure you are still sitting there watching him then go on about his business of stalking anything that moves.

View more photos of him in the photo gallery.


I've been ADOPTED!! By CuriOdyssey (formerly Coyote Point Museum) in San Mateo, CA!!




Please sponsor me and my brothers and sisters?

Animated Bobcat

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