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Bobcat Frankie

Fanny and George

Last Updated:10/12/11

Bobcat Fanny and George's Profile Photo

Status:Female Bobcat - Released


Age:8 year(s), 4 month(s)


Fanny and George came to us on 10/01/09 and was brought to us by a private individual who found it in the wild.

Fannie & George were the luckiest kittens in the WORLD! They were discovered by, of ALL people, a hunter!! Not, of course, a bobcat hunter, but a deer hunter! (we're not too fond of bobcat hunters around here, sorry) Our hunter friend was sitting in a deer stand early one morning when he caught movement out of the corner of his eye. He glanced over and couldn't see anything and went back to his careful surveillance of the land looking for deer. Again, he caught movement out o the corner of his eye, and this time, he knew he needed to find out what was catching his attention. He crawled down from his deer stand and walked in the general direction of the movement. As he got closer he saw two of the tiniest kittens he had EVER seen! Fannie & George were clumsily crunching through the forest floor, CLEARLY too young to be without their momma. This amazing hunter picked up the babies, tucked them into a warm box and delivered them to us in Tyler, TX! Upon intake, it was clear that Fannie & George had been without their momma for several days. They were in TERRIBLE condition and smelled like they had been eating dead things for days. It was clear to us that the hunter who occupied the deer stand BEFORE our friendly hunter WAS a bobcat hunter who had no concern about whether his new pelt was somebody's mother and, no doubt, killed these babies Mom. Our friendly hunter said to us, when he delivered these kittens "I will never again even THINK about killing a bobcat, not after this experience". THANK YOU for having such high regard for these amazing animals that we love SO much! Fannie & George are two of MANY who come in each year who's mothers have been trapped or killed. Imagine how many motherless kittens are never found!

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