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Bobcat Frankie


Last Updated:10/28/11

Bobcat Fidget's Profile Photo

Status:Male Bobcat - Captive Raised, Deceased


Age:3 year(s), 6 month(s)


Fidget came to us on 09/10/07 and was brought to us by a private individual who found it in the wild.

The Happy-Face Cat Fidget has been the happiest bobcat we have ever had come through NBRR! He is hilarious! From the day he arrived at 2 weeks old, he was, and remains, absolutely fearless! As a young cub, he would follow anything that moved and that hasn't changed much. Fidget never had any health problems, he is just simply the only cat that we have ever had who refused to be wild. We tried everything to no avail. Fidge just loves attention and is curious about everything. This cat, in the wild, would truly be the living example of "Curiosity Killed the Cat!". Fidget requires a special home. He is an extremely emotional animal and requires hands-on attention. He will suffer from severe depression if left alone or to his own vices. Fidge will be hard to place because of his demanding nature, he is only compatible with a few personality types in cats. He is extremely demanding when he wants attention, and if the person or cat who he is demanding attention from is unwilling to give him what he wants, he becomes highly agressive. He will likely be happiest with another cat in the enclosure and a keeper who is willing to spend hands on time with him every day. Please check your facility's policy! This is NOT an appropriate cat for facilities who have a hands off policy.

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