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Bobcat Frankie


Last Updated:08/08/12

Bobcat Gigi's Profile Photo

Status:Female Bobcat - Captive Raised, Permanent Injury or Illness, Permanent Resident


Age:9 year(s), 3 month(s)


Gigi came to us on 09/10/08 and was brought to us by a private individual who was kept as a pet.

  Frankie & Gigi are brother & sister

  Gigi is an absolute DIVA! She is a typical girl. She LOVES shoes, and hates being told no. She is full of character, and very funny. This is her "don't you tell ME no" face.

  Gigi is very petite, and we believe it is linked to the mystery disorder she started showing signs of as a kitten. We lovingly call Gigi our drunken sailor because of her wobbly walk.

  Any time we observe such a noticable abnormality, the first thing that we begin to monitor is quality of life for that animal. Can she get around well? Does she enjoy life? Does she eat well? The answer to all of these questions is a resounding YES! Gigi is the happiest girl! She is a clown, she is funny, and she is SASSY!

  To make the best of her limitations, we have developed a special enclosure to not only help her build muscle tone and balance, but to ensure her safety while doing so. She has a special enclosed long ramp to help her build strength in her hind end, while keeping her from loosing her balance and falling. The ramp leads up to her very own fully enclosed sky box so that she can look out over the beautiful ranch grounds, and enjoy a light summer breeze.

  This, along with other inovations like low cat walks and dens that she has to climb to get into, all work to provide physical therapy for Gigi on a regular basis.

  Our little drunken sailor will be under constant monitoring to ensure she continues to enjoy a good quality of life. If at any time Gigi shows signs of a decline in quality of life, we will have to reasses her living situation. Due to her special needs, she will no be placeable.

  Gigi is unavailable for placement at this time. She suffers from a mystery neurological ailment that NBRR is working on figuring out. She has seen many vets and we have explored many treatments.

  Gigi does not show any signs of improving or declining. She is a very happy cat, but she is notciably affected




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