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Bobcat Frankie


Last Updated:08/08/12

Bobcat Lenny's Profile Photo

Status:Male Bobcat - Captive Raised, Permanent Resident


Age:11 year(s), 5 month(s)


Lenny came to us on 08/30/06 and was brought to us by transfered from another shelter that was once someones pet.

  Lenny is a love when you take the time to give him the attention that he needs. He was a confiscation case. Once removed from his home and family, Lenny spent months in a humane society, which as you can guess, is completely unsuited to housing a bobcat. After his long months in an inappropriate facility, he finally found his way to NBRR. He is currently housed in the bachelor pad with Hoover. Lenny has been neutered, and is not suitable for release.

  After his arrival at NBRR, his family came for a visit. This is unbelievably hard on these animals, especially after all of the change that has been going on in his life. They have memories like elephants. Lenny remembered his family, and the life he used to have. He was absolutely livid after his family left. In his mind, they were abandoning him yet AGAIN. He would not talk to ANYONE at the NBRR facility for months afterwards.

  It took weeks of our behaviorist spending hours and hours in his enclosure with him to get him to where he would even acknowlege us. He truely is an amazing sweet cat if you give him the time he needs. We have been able to get some phenominal photos of him when he is in a good mood.

  Lenny is unavailable for placement at this time. he has suffered far too many changes in his young life, and we are attempting to help him learn some stability again.

  Emotionally, change is very difficult for these intellegent, long lived cats. Their memories are very long, and Lenny is no acception.




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