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Last Updated:08/08/12

Bobcat Hoover's Profile Photo

Status:Male Bobcat - Captive Raised, Permanent Injury or Illness, Neutered or Spayed, Current on vaccinations, Plays well with others, Permanent Resident


Age:15 year(s), 5 month(s)


Hoover came to us on 07/30/02 and was brought to us by a private individual who was kept as a pet.

  As one of our founding cats, Hoover is a big love. He is very gentle natured, quite, and affectionate. He adores new people, but tends to ignore and withdraw from his keepers. He has the memory of an elephant, and is fairly unforgiving (ie-after recieving a vaccine, flea treatment, or other unwanted interaction) unless given daily attention.

  He and his brother Kirby suffered from toxoplasmosis as young kittens. The lasting damage includes lack of accurate balance and mental/emotional development. Hoover has the persistant belief that he is a six week old kitten. New people and new smells are always welcome in Hoover's simplistic world.

  One little qirk Hoover developed from his illness was the inability to control his salivary glands. When he smells something really good (like deoderant!), or gets excited over something, he drools uncontrollably! He demands to explore these scents or objects. If they happen to be on a person, he insists on climbing on you, and drooling all over whatever it is that has his attention. Often times, it happens to be the top of your head. We call it getting "bob slobbed".

  To combat his balance issues, NBRR staff have ensured that his enclosure was deveolped with balance and coordination building enrichment items in the form of ramps, ledges, and cat walks throughout his enclosure. Without long, careful observation, one may never know that Hoover suffers from any sort of balance issues.

  Hoover loves attention, and needs a quiet keeper willing to spend a lot of time with him. He seems to get along with every cat that we put with him, and has only ever shown anger or frustration when forced to do something (anything) he doesn't want to do. He is very happy living in an enclosure, and has been handled well to lend himself to an education enclosure animal.

  Hoover is unavailable for placement. He is our oldest cat, and has been with us for nine years. Emotionally, Hoover just isn't ready to leave NBRR, and probably never will be. All of us here have grown attached to our gentle old man, and we hope that he lives out a long comfortable life here at NBRR.

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