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Last Updated:10/12/11

Bobcat Bridgette's Profile Photo

Status:Female Bobcat - Captive Raised, Permanent Injury or Illness


Age:9 year(s), 11 month(s)


Bridgette came to us on 01/08/09 and was brought to us by a private individual who was kept as a pet.

Every once in a while, an animal comes along that reminds us that although we rarely contemplate it, wild animals have a personality in the very same way as your dog or cat. In the same way that occasionally, you meet the pet with such an outrageous personality that you just fall in love. It is these animals that leave an imprint on your heart.

Bridgette is without a doubt, the greatest wild animal personality liasion! Bridge came to us in the second week of January. We transfered her over from another rehabilitator with whom we closely work.

The kitten had not been getting along very well with the other cats on-site, and was seemingly struggling to get enough to eat with the larger, more agressive cats in the enclosure. The other rehabilitator had contacted us at the very same time we were looking for a cage mate for Athena, our New Years baby. Around two weeks of age, a dog somehow caught Bridge and brought her home to it's suprised owners. The dog had broken several of her ribs, and terrorized her in the process of carrying her home. The dog was obviously not looking to hurt the kitten, or she would have been dead. At two weeks of age, she was tiny and defenseless. The well-meaning guilt ridden dog owners felt so badly for the injured kitten that they did everything within their power to help her.

As she healed, she was handled and loved on, and allowed to play with family pets. For over three weeks, she slept in the same bed as the family who found her. They were unwittingly signing her death warrant by allowing her to become imprinted on people and pets.

Let me share a little bit of background information on orphaned bobcats. Baby bobcats, just like cats and dogs, are highly emotional. In some cases, this can lead to very serious problems that must be dealt with in a variety of ways. In this case, the trauma inflicted by the family dog caused her severe anxiety and fear.

In Bridgette's mind, the dog's owners rescued her. It caused her to look toward people for comfort and reassurance. Her ordeal has left her heavily imprinted on people, and therefore unreleaseable. Today, Bridgette is a beautiful, feisty young lady. Bridge is currently available for adoption to a specialized facility due to a mild neurological condition that affects her balance.

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